I am a professional forester and land and resource manager with over 51 years of experience in multiple use management of forest lands in the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. I was responsible for completion of the Huron-Manistee National Forests' Land And Resource Management Plan of 965,000 acres in Northern Lower Michigan, a plan for national forest system lands which has been operating with public consensus since implementation in 1986. I hold a number of certifications , affiliations, and continuing education credits to keep updated in the field of professional land and resource management.

Michigan's growing with Michigan's Forests. We're growing a bright future in Michigan's Forests. Planning for the future is necessary to protect our forest legacy.

Who owns Michigan's Forests?

  • 45% Private Individual
  • 20% State
  • 14% National Forest
  • 11% Corporate
  • 8% Industrial
  • 2% Other

Michigan's timberland is the fifth largest in the United States-exceeded only by Georgia, Oregon, Alabama, and North Carolina.